You are not great leaps from anything, you are small shifts from everything


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Take care of yourself. Build healthy habits. Achieve your goals.

  • Daily experiments and challenges

  • 5-15 minute audio sessions on self-care topics

  • Short articles with tips & tricks

  • Simple activities to help you develop a basic foundation of healthy practices

  • Guided meditations, breathing exercises, and sleep routines

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About the app

A mindful approach to taking care of yourself. Guided audio sessions with exercises. Daily experiments and challenges to help you find what works for you and make progress toward your goal.

Wellbody is the simple way to lead a healthy, happy, and more meaningful life. Develop a mindful approach to your health and wellness in just minutes a day. Daily guided audio sessions help you build a foundation of healthy habits across the areas of nutrition, exercise + movement, sleep, stress management, and connection. Each session includes a lesson that provides new information or a new of way of thinking about an aspect of health and wellness, as well as a short exercise that helps you put those principles into practice.

Our philosophy

  • We believe in progress over perfection

  • We believe in small, simple, and sustainable behavior change

  • We believe that with mindful practice, people can do amazing things

  • We believe that real change starts with being mindful...and is maintained through creating healthy habits

  • We take a holistic view across the five major pillars of health: nutrition, exercise and movement, sleep, stress management, and connection

  • We believe everyone deserves access to better health and wellness

  • We want to help you live life well


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