You are not great leaps from anything, you are small shifts from everything


Live life well.

Build a solid foundation of healthy practices that are simple and that result in more health, wellness, and overall happiness.

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About the app

Wellbody is the simple way to lead a healthy, happy, and more meaningful life. Develop a mindful approach to your health and wellness in just minutes a day. Daily guided audio sessions help you build a foundation of healthy habits across the areas of nutrition, exercise + movement, sleep, stress management, and connection. Each session includes a lesson that provides new information or a new of way of thinking about an aspect of health and wellness, as well as a short exercise that helps you put those principles into practice.

Our philosophy

  • We believe in simple and sustainable ways of healthy living

  • We take a holistic approach across five pillars of health: nutrition, exercise + movement, sleep, stress management, and connection (because health + wellness goes beyond nutrition and exercise)

  • We believe that real change starts with being mindful...and is maintained through creating healthy habits

  • We focus on making progress over perfection

  • We believe there is no one diet or right way of eating (but we do emphasize real food for nourishment and enjoyment)

  • We believe in a personalized approach that encourages you to start where you are, focus on your own goals, and discover what works for you

  • We want to help you live life well